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Frequently Asked Questions

My Account


You can create an account by going to My Account. This will allow you to simply checkout and have all your orders information in one place.

Unsubscribe from Newsletter

You can simply unsubscribe from Kidan’s Newsletter by either clicking here and entering your details or contacting us.

My Payment Methods

As a registered user, you will be able to save and edit your payment methods (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal). You can find more information in your account or by clicking here.

Exchanges & Returns

Can I exchange my item?

You are welcome to exchange articles if they meet the return and refund policies. For any request, kindly contact our customer service representatives by clicking here.

Can I get a refund?

The refund and return processes differ for every item. However, you can always contact us before the order is getting processed to cancel it.

Kindly note the refund and returns notices are mentioned in the description of the items. If it is not the case, you have 24 hours to cancel the order and get a refund and 7 days only for hardware to return the articles.

Why some items cannot be refundable?

Some articles like digital training material and exam vouchers cannot be refunded as they are assigned to an individual based on their unique user ID. However, we welcome any of your requests. As a customer-centric company, we will try our best to ensure your satisfaction.

General Information

Purchase Conditions

It is essential that our customers ensure their details are correct. In addition, they must refer to the terms and conditions.

Kidan's Corporate Responsibilities

As a customer-centric company, we ensure our customers’ satisfaction remains our priority and adhere to strong ethics and professional behavior.

Partners and Suppliers Code of Conduct

We ensure our customers get the best experience by making sure our partners and suppliers adhere to strong ethics and professional behavior.

Shipping & Delivery

Order Tracking

You can track your orders by going to your account or clicking here to check the status. Also, you will get an email whenever your order is updated. For any further information, you can contact our team.

Types of Shipments and Delivery Periods

For digital products and items, we try to deliver within 24 hours. However, specific articles like exam vouchers take more time to be processed as we depend on our partners and have to follow specific procedures to assign them to the customer.

For hardware or physical products, the timeframe depends on the availability of the stock or our suppliers. This will independently be noted. However, we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe.

Rest assured that our team will do its best so that you receive the shipment as soon as possible. You can contact us before ordering anything to get more details and anytime for furhter information.

What are the regions Kidan serve and provide?

Kidan serves and provides internationally. Thus, we ship to every country but reserve the right to refuse an order if the Swiss laws do not allow us to deal with a specific region.


Payment Methods

Kidan store accepts various secured payments methods including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, and bank transfers. For Switzerland and Australia residents, we can accept, in special cases, cash.

Pre-authorisation and Charging the Order

As our main company is Swiss, customers from Switzerland need to pay taxes (7.7%) on their order. The other customers need to comply with their country’s tax legislation as we will not charge any tax.

Secure Payments

Our secure payment gateways ensure your payments are safe. It is essential for us that you have confidence when making purchases.

Gift Cards

Gift Card Information

Kidan’s gift cards are prepaid stored-value money card that can be used as an alternative to cash for purchases. They can be received or given to then be redeemed within the store.

How to Buy

Kidan’s gift cards can be bought in the store. They can be found in the “Gift Card” category or by clicking here.

Activate Gift Card

Users can activate and redeem their gift cards in their account by entering the code or by clicking here and following the steps.

Not finding the information you need?

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