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The ASEDrive IIIe Combo Bio F2 is a device with a capacitive USB 2.0 fingerprint scanner and an ISO/IEC 7816 compliant smart card reader.

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Athena ASEDRIVE IIIE COMBO BIO F2 is a member of Athena’s new family of smart card readers. It supports all major international standards and Microsoft PC/SC.
All ISO7816 compliant CPU-based smart cards are supported.
Athena ASEDRIVE IIIE COMBO BIO F2 is a cost-effective Biometric smart card reader with a cost-effective DigitalPersona TCS2 capacitive touch sensor providing excellent performance, compatibility, and firmware field upgradeability.

Superior Smart Card and Bio Match on Card Performance
Modern applications for smart cards such as Digital Signature, Digital Certificate Verification, and PKI application with Bio Match on Card require higher performance of the smart card readers. ASEDrive IIIe V2 Combo Bio TCS2 was designed to ensure higher communication speeds, in order to reduce the time needed for communication-intensive operations and fingerprint matching. With its high-performance features, ASEDrive IIIe V2 Combo Bio TCS2 ensures the unparalleled throughput required in modern Match on Card with smart card applications.

The ASEDrive IIIe V2 Combo Bio TCS2 is designed with the most reliable contact smart card and biometric sensor touch technology to ensure long reader and card life.

Highlights – Smart Card Reader
– Contact smart card reader complying with all major international standards.
– Microsoft PC/SC certified.
– Supporting all CPU-based Smart Cards.
– High-speed communication designed for Digital Signature and PKI systems with Bio Match on Card.
– Upgradeable Flash Memory

Highlights – Biometric Sensor
– TCS2 steel coated capacitive touch sensor
– Supports Match on Card
– Supports Match on Device (optional with TCD58)
– Steel coating (black) improves ruggedness
– Active capacitance technology delivers excellent image quality and ability to acquire fingerprint images
– CMOS active capacitive pixel-sensing